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Need help with homework? Need information for your class project on animals, space, or whatever? Check out these websites. They're loaded with useful information, answers to tough questions (even math), pictures, sounds, and much more.

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HOMEWORK HELP SITES: Check out the exhibit hall, play some challenging games, or get help with your homework. Click on your grade level and learn with the eBUGS for help with language arts, math, geography, history, or science. Interactive television program that helps students with their math and science homework. Also has great on-line resources for common homework questions. Regular column by writer Hannah Holmes on Discovery Online with answers to nagging questions like why there's no channel 1 on a TV, and why pizza makes you thirsty. Tutors are waiting here to answer with your Math questions. Math questions answered! Every week, this cat answers a new question on topics ranging from beans to money to wildflowers. Search Who, What, Where, When, and How questions and answers. If yours isn't there, submit it and have it researched. Get answers to questions about science, math, movies and more. Find answers to most of your English grammar questions. If you can't find the answer you seek, you can also post your question for the Grammar Lady. Need help with your homework? A school librarian will get back to you within two days. Send an e-mail now! Contains homework links for a variety of subjects and grade levels. Includes links to sites on language arts, math, science, history, and geography. Links to sites categorized by subject to assist with school projects.

ANIMAL INFORMATION SITES: Quickly find information about some of the unique creatures found in the animal kingdom. Includes scientific classification, fun facts, and biological value. Contains pictures of skulls of animals of all classes. Articles and audio and video clips highlight this exploration of animal intelligence, emotions, and consciousness. Explores the way that different languages represent animal sounds. Pictures and descriptions of the Felidae (cats), Canidae (dogs), Ursidae (bears) and more. Provides links to a variety of animals with pictures, sounds, and games. -- Myrmecology: the science about ants. Everything you would want to know about ants. -- Tarantulas. learn about anatomy, life cycle, diversity of tarantulas from National Geographic. -- List of zoos, museums etc related to animals. Great starting resource for animal reports

SPACE AND BEYOND SITES: Space pictures, movies, animations, links, and more. Explore the splendors of the sea and the wonders of the universe through information, images, sounds, links, and interactive games. Journey through the stars with National Geographic. Includes a Star Chart with overlays of images from the Hubble Telescope. A multimedia foray into the mysteries of the universe.


GENERAL SCIENCE SITES: -- articles and animated diagrams on how everyday things work. Could be much fun for kids of all ages. -- Activities adapted from some of the country's best children's and science museums. Could be a good combination site with the "How Stuff Works" site. -- Home page for Bill Nye, the Science Guy. -- Quick facts about rain forests and links to info on the Amazon basin, a National Geographic site.

MATH, MATH, MATH Kathy Schrock's new home page on Discovery. The sites listed below are all linked to this page. A great place for the family to start searching for fun family activities in math, science and other areas. Kathy's math link page. Numerous links to good sites math and some science Nice site with weekly brainteasers by grades 3-4, 5-6, 7+ Flash cards for kids. Will you take the challenge?

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