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2560 W. Bradford Drive, Roseburg, Oregon 97470 (541) 440-4081


Special Programs

At Fullerton IV Elementary School we want all of our students to reach their full potential so we provide a variety of programs to enhance the learning process. If you feel your student would be helped by one of these programs, please call the school office (440-4081) or one of the numbers listed below.

dot icon Music

Mr. Jeff Fisher (440-4081 ext. 6122)

At Fullerton IV music is part of the total curriculum. All classes receive vocal music instruction each week. Mrs. Smith is available to answer questions about the music program.

dot icon Child Development Specialist

Mrs. Melanie Trevisiol (440-4081 ext. 6129)

Our Child Development Specialist teaches affective lessons in the classroom; counsels students individually or in groups; and provides parenting classes.

dot icon Resource Center

Ms. Alyce Moore (440-4081 ext. 6117)

Our Resource Center teacher helps students identified with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Ms. Moore and her staff work closely with homeroom teachers and parents in the development of the IEP and then with the student to carry out the plan.

dot icon Title I Program

Mrs. Kristen Coopride (440-4081 ext. 6116)

The Title I program helps identified students improve their skills in Reading and Mathematics. Mrs. Coopride works with classroom teachers to identify student needs and programs in these skill areas and to provide small group instruction for students at their skill level.

dot icon Turn-Around Program

Mr. Smolensky (Intermediate) (440-4081 ext. 6111)

Ms. Marie Leary (Primary) (440-4081 ext 6110)

The Turn-Around Program is a district program for elementary students whose behavior interrupts their learning.  Our staff provide both behavioral and academic instruction to students to help them develop skills so that they can be successful in the general education classroom environment.

dot icon Library Media Center

Mrs. Heather Bolin

(440-4081 ext. 6124)

Fullerton IV’s curriculum includes instruction in library skills. Our library paraprofessional helps students acquire the skills necessary to retrieve information from a variety of sources.  Mrs. Arnoux is also the Technology Coordinator for the school.

dot icon Speech/Language Therapy

Ms. Wendy Davidson (440-4081 ext. 6138)

Our Speech/Language Therapy teacher is assigned to us through the Douglas Education Service District. Mrs. Walther works with students identified with an IEP. Students can be recommended to receive this service by parents and/or teachers.