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   SITE UPDATED:April 14th, 2014




Wear your new School Shirt every Thursday to show your school spirit and your





Dear Parents,

As you may remember, we had a couple of snow days earlier this year where we had to miss school.  We made up one of those days already; the second day will be made up on Thursday, June 12th.  All Hucrest students will report to school for a regular school day on this day.  I wanted to get this out to parents early so that you could make any summer plans that you need to according to this updated schedule.


Thank you,

Mr. Freeman


The Hucrest Booster Club asks for your help in seeing how they are doing.  Please complete the short survey following this link:



Roseburg Elementary Music!

Mr.  Thompson, Mr. Schwarm, and Mr. Jones, our District Music Teachers announce the creation of their first Music webpage:

Here you will find various activities to boost your musical knowledge and enjoyment!


Wednesday Delayed Start Information:

In the event Roseburg Public Schools must be delayed on a Wednesday, the regular weekly Early Release schedule will be cancelled, and schools will end the school day at their normal (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) afternoon times.  Additionally, all morning Kindergarten classes would be cancelled. Please use link at left for updated Emergency School Closure/Delay Information.



2013-2014 Hucrest Family Survey Available Now:

Dear Parents,

I would like to know how we are doing this year as a school around some specific areas that the survey link below covers.  If you would take five minutes or so and complete it for me, it would be most appreciated and won't be ignored.  If you don't have access to a computer, we have one available for you to use here and invite all of you to take a few minutes to take the survey.

So appreciated,

Doug Freeman, Principal




Dear Parent(s),

The annual school district special education report card is available.  This report card describes how the Roseburg School District is doing in several areas of providing services to students with disabilities. If you would like a copy please stop by the school office to pick one up or visit the "Public Reports" link on Roseburg Public Schools website at  or



(click this link)

If you would like to discuss any of the report card information please contact the Office of Student Services at








In order to encourage great physical health as well as great academic health, we encourage all our students who live near our school to bike or walk to school every Wednesday.








March 21st, 2014


551 and Growing

551 is a large number isn't it?  When we put it in perspective as to what that number represents, it seems really large!  From the beginning of school until now, we have had 551 unexcused tardies of our Hucrest students.  This number represents the number of times students who have been late getting to school for our start time of 8:55 A.M.  It sounds terrible, doesn't it? We can do better.  When reading articles and research around education, it continually states how important student attendance is, and how it is linked to student achievement both in the present or short term and in the long term because of the foundational skills that lead to learning in the future.

I beg parents to please get students here on time and to keep absences of our students to a minimum, and, yes, I know that there are emergencie and illnesses that can't be helped.  Thank-you for your attention to my plea!  Besides, we love having them all here.  Have I told you lately how special these Hucrest students are?  They are both special and important to all of us; they complete our Hucrest Family. 


Mr. Freeman, Principal






If you are the parent of a student in our school, yet you reside outside the Hucrest boundaries, you need to fill out a new "Out of Attendance Area" request form.  They will be available on May 1st to requst attendance for the 2014-2015 school year.  If you filled one out for this year, you must fill a new one out for next year as well.  It is only good for one year at a time.

Please know, these forms for the next school year will be available on May 1st, 2014.  We will accept them beginning on that date of May 1st.  They will be approved according to the date received until we reach our grade-level caps which are as follows:

Kindergarten-22 per class

1st grade- 22 per class

2nd grade-22 per class

3rd grade- 26 per class

4th grade- 26 per class

5th grade- 26 per class

We will have registration for Kindergarten on May 28th.  Registration for grades 1-5 will be August 13th.  Final approval for Hucrest attendance will be after August 13th when we have class sizes established.  Tentative approval will be given in June for those classrooms where it appears the numbers are well below the "cap"established.





Durham School Bus Services has released the following note for all families with bus-riding students:


Parent's responsibility at the bus stop:

It is not a policy to require parents to be at a bus stop for a student to be dropped off. 

But it is a concern for both the District and the Bus Drivers as 'what to do' when there is no one present?  Not all kindergartener's or first graders know which house is theirs when they step off a big yellow bus, especially if your house is still another block from where the bus stops in your neighborhood.

As a parent, your responibility is to make sure your child knows what to do in the event that you are not there meeting with them at the bus stop.  Practice with them which way they would walk from where the bus drops them off in the afternoon to where you live.







Dr. Larry Parsons has addressed the issue of  the changes to the school enrollment procedure for the School Year 2013-2014.  Please click on the links below for this detailed information/ instruction (please note, the reverse of Dr. Parsons' letter is the 2nd link):

Dr. Larry Parson's Message regarding school boundary/enrollment changes

Elementary Enrollment Procedures 2013-2014






Starting this Fall, the District Technology Department will be providing Google Apps accounts for all students in grades 3 through 12.  A signed parent permission form is required for each student.  Forms will be provided at registration or, to save time, please use the link below to fill in your information, print it out, and turn it in during registration.  Thank you!

Google Apps Permission Form







April 14th , 2014


For Your Information:

"Out of Attendance Area" forms will be availabe in the Office starting May 1st, 2014.  You must fill out a new request form each year as they are only good for one school year.  Please see article at left for more details (scroll down page)


Every Thursday is GRIT shirt day!  Show your Grit and School Spirit by wearing your new school shirts!

























































































































































































































































Parents have the right to access the information all school

employees are given during the SafeSchools

trainings on "Sexual Conduct, Staff to Student and Child Abuse:

Identification and Intervention."  To view the information, please click on









Roseburg Public Schools board of Directors has adopted a school calendar that will release students one hour early each Wednesday beginning SEPTEMBER 11TH and continuing for the 2013-2014 school year (the only exception is June 4th).  During these Wednesdays teachers and other staff will work together with the intense focus of improving student achievement by discussing curriculum and teaching practices, and by allowing staff time to work in collaboration to improve the quality of the learning experience for students.  This weekly Collaboration Time mirrors the models already in place in several school districts in Douglas County and around Oregon. 


The weekly schedule for Elementary Schools Early Release/Collaboration Time:

Grades 1-5: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:




Kindergarten AM: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:




Kindergarten PM: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:




District staff continues to work to develop potential partnerships with the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club to provide supervised activities during Wednesday Collaboration Time.  For more information, please visit the District website:




Students may not be on campus until 8:30 AM.  NO EARLIER.  All students arriving at this time need to head to the Multipurpose Room/Cafeteria.  During this time, students may eat breakfast. Students will need to sit with their grade level until excused to classrooms at 8:50AM. 


If you are picking up your student(s) after school, please plan to pick-up on NW Moore Ave. in order to prevent congestion.  If you are on foot (or out of your car) please wait at the Flagpole in front of the School's main doors.  These little steps will help to ensure that all of our students stay safe by helping with after school confusion and high traffic.