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Educational Services


Learning Resource Classroom (LRC)

The Learning Resource Classroom offers various student resources and assists the students in their difficult subjects. LRC provides interventions for math, reading, written language, as well as providing support in the general education classroom. 

Our main purpose is to make learning opportunities more accessible to students who have a learning disability in one or more areas. However, we do have the capabilities of offering learning opportunities to students who may need TAG services. 

We serve many purposes in many different capacities! We also can help parents who might have questions about how to help their students at home. There are many resources available to students, parents, and staff in the Learning Resource Classroom. The Hucrest staff will gladly assist in any fashion they are capable, as well as share any other resources within our community that are available.



Speech Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapy Program provides screening, diagnosis, and remediation to school-age children throughout Douglas County. Students served have significant articulation, stuttering, voice or specific language disorders. Classroom consultation and collaboration is often provided to facilitate carry-over of speech/language goals throughout the school day. Audiological screenings are also provided by pathologists.

Douglas ESD pathologists are state certified (TSPC) speech and language pathologists, many of whom are also certified by the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA). Seventeen speech/language pathologists serve the 49 public schools in Douglas County on an itinerant basis. Students from private and parochial schools in the county, who are eligible for services, receive regularly scheduled therapy at a nearby public school facility.

For more information, call 440-4764.




Child Development Specialist (CDS)

The Child Development Specialist (CDS) teaches affective lessons in the classroom, as well as conducting individual and group counseling. CDS also offers parenting support, supervises the Talented and Gifted (TAG) program, and coordinates the Positive Behavior Support and Instruction (PBIS) team.

The Child Development Specialist is available for 'drop in' visits by students at various times throughout the day. Often there are arranged student groups to create friendship and offer support. In addition some groups contribute to the school by helping with other projects.

Our specialist is always willing to refer parents to any community resources available, share creative problem-solving ideas, lend an ear, or give a hug.

The Douglas County Early Childhood Planning Coalition featuring parenting resources and classes

Great Schools

Involved parents, successful children. Ideas to help children become successful learners at all grade levels.

Foundation with Behavioral Challenges

Offers both training and the support

Parent-Coach Training Program

A regular e-zine sent via email providing updates on the Parent Coaching Institute, practical parenting tips and ideas, along with news and information about related resources and events

ADHD Informational Library

Resources that are actually useful for many children and their families