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Hucrest Elementary
1810 NW Kline Street
Roseburg, OR 97471
phone 541-440-4188
fax 541-440-4191

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Please note that new staff email does not usually go into effect until September.  Thank you for your patience!

Mr. Freeman Principal

Ext. 5923

Mrs. Everhart

Office Manager

Ext. 5900

Mrs. Denzer

Office Assistant

Ext. 5922


Click on the name to send email


Mrs. Farias

Ext. 5908

Mrs. Worthington

Ext. 5907

Mrs. Laughlin

Ext. 5909

First Grade

Mrs. Girod

Ext. 5901

Mrs. Emery

Ext. 5902

Mrs. Remington

Ext. 5903

Second Grade

Mrs. Smith


Ext. 5904

Mrs. Lazur

Ext. 5905

Mrs. Lopez

Ext. 5906

Third Grade

Mrs. Newman

Ext. 5910

Mrs. Ikola

Ext. 5911

Mr. Hughes

Ext. 5912

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Hughes

Ext. 5916

Mrs. Weaver

Ext. 5917

Mrs. Baker

Ext. 5918

Fifth Grade

Ms. VanBurger

Ext. 5913

Mrs. Cooper

Ext. 5914

Mrs. Veale

Ext. 5915

Other Staff

Mrs. Elliot

Learning Resource Center, Ext. 5919

Mr. Klander

Music, Ext. 5921

Mrs. Smith

PE Teacher

Mrs. Miller

Counselor, Ext.5929

Mrs. Kirk

Psychologist, Ext. 5937

Mrs. Felgentrager

Library, Ext.5928

Mrs. Case

Speech Therapist,

Ext. 5932

Mrs. Byrd

ELL (English Language Learners)

Ext. 5942

Mrs. Elder

Food Service,

Ext. 5930

Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Creamer




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