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Conferences are April 12th & 13th. 

Requests are being sent home March 1st.

They will be due back to the Jo Lane Office by March 10th. 

You must turn in a request form to have a conference scheduled.

If you did not receive a request, please click on the appropriate grade below.

6th Grade Conference Forms

7th & 8th Grade Conference Forms

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Student Attendance Is a Priority at Jo Lane

New State laws put more reporting responsibilities

on schools than ever before.

Parents must report student absences by 9AM

every time a student is absent from school.

Phone: 541-440-4104


Community Partners

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Bring in 10 box tops for a chance to win a prize

Put 10 or more box tops in a baggie or envelope

CLEARLY Write your full name on it

A winner will be drawn once a month

Prize is a Jo Lane Sports Bag containing other Jo Lane goodies

Click here for a complete list of products with Box Tops for Education

Stop Bullies is dedicated to address bullying in schools through a school-to-home newsletter and other digital publications. We have arranged a special subscription that entitles you to register and receive this information at no cost to you. The personal information that you use to register will be kept confidential and only used by Stop Bullies to deliver useful information.

Please visit their website at

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District Annual Special Education Report Card Now Available

The annual school district special education report card is available. This report card describes how the Roseburg School District is doing in several areas of providing services to students with disabilities. If you would like a copy please stop by the school office to pick one up or visit the Roseburg Public Schools web site at:


If you would like to discuss any of the report card information please contact the Office of Student Services at 440-4031.


School Traffic Safety

Dear parents,

Student drop off continues to be a safety concern.  When dropping off your student, please wait till you get to the yellow crosswalk before your student is allowed to get out of the car. There are real safety concerns when students are getting out before they get to the crosswalk and walk/run between cars.  With the rain and darker mornings visibility is poor.  

If you could please remember to use the front parking lot for dropping off your students in the morning, it would be most appreciated.  The south side of our campus, up by the gymnasiums is reserved for our bus drop off in the morning and ask that we stay away from that with our personal vehicles.

In the mornings would you please give our busses and drivers the right of way whenever possible.   They are really on tight schedules in continuing their bus routes as once they have delivered students to Jo Lane in the morning, their day isn't finished; they have more student transporting to do.  Your cooperation is so appreciated for the safety of our children.

Bill Bartlett, Principal

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Need Assistance?

with Food, Health Care, Abuse, Teen Homelessness, etc.

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