BookFun zone Fair

When: Spring Book Fair dates will be posted soon!
Where: The Library
For FUN!

My Wish List! Get a sneak peek at the exciting exclusive, award-winning books coming to your school! Build your own wish list to print and take along with you to the Fair.


  1. Students will have a chance to preview the books when their language arts classes visit the Library before the Book Fair. (Book purchases may be made then.)
  2. A Wish List may be filled out to let parents know what students want to buy. Please bring a pencil.
  3. Teacher Wish Lists will be available to help build classroom libraries.
  4. Handle books and other merchandise carefully.
  5. Just as you would with a Library book, put items back where they belong on the shelf. (Others will not want to buy books that look used or are damaged.)
  6. Do not open packages before purchasing them.
  7. Books cannot be reserved for later purchase.
  8. Cash, checks, and credit/debit cards are accepted. Make checks out to "Joseph Lane Library."
  9. Save your receipt.
  10. No backpacks or binders allowed.
  11. Theft will not be tolerated. Anyone caught stealing will be turned in to the Principal.

Support your school Library by attending the most fun event of the year!

Profits from this fundraiser are used to buy more books for your Library.

Library Lady






Parents--Top 5 Reasons To Go To the Book Fair:

1. You can shop from hundreds of quality books in every price range, interest, and reading level.
2. You'll find exclusive, more affordable editions of many of the most popular books sold in retail stores.
3. You'll help your child's school earn books and funds for classrooms and libraries.
4. You'll connect with your child's school reading and literacy initiatives.
5. And best of all, you and your child will have fun choosing books together.