Project Tech

"Bye Bye Mr. Bahr" Letters   Letter

Write a letter to Mr. Bahr about the Project Tech Computer Explo Class.

Software: Word processing (AppleWorks or Word)

Hi Tech Pro’s,

Now that the class is over, I want you to write me a letter. I want you to write about what you have learned the past six weeks in this class. What do you know about using computers now that you did not know before?

In case you forgot, here’s what we did:

Also, tell me what you thought of the class. Did you like the projects that we did? Was I helpful to you? Did I adequately explain how to do the projects? Was I fair to you and other students? Did you have enough time to do your work? Did the class have a good atmosphere? What should have been different?

That’s it. Thanks for writing your letter to me and for being in this class.
Mr. Bahr