Project Tech

ClickWith Typing Tests, Tutors, and Games 


  • Goalie - Type the words next to each ball to keep the balls from reaching the goal.
  • Guitar Hero- Yah
  • KeyMan- Press the shown letters to control keyman to eat all the food in the maze.
  • Martian City Defender- Flying laser beams are trying to destroy the Martian Colony. Defend the colony and save the little green aliens! Watch out for the letter drops in bonus rounds.
  • Meteor Typing Blast - Flying meteors and UFOs are coming at your spaceship from every direction. Type the words about the objects before they run into your shop or zap you.
  • Online Bubbles Game - Push your typing skills to their limits.
  • TyperShark - It's the typing tutor with teeth! Zap sharks and piranha as you dive for sunken treasure!

Class Contests

Alphabet Race
Type the alphabet as quickly as possible with your eyes closed. As soon as you are finished, look at the timer below and see how long it took. Add one second for each error. Can anyone do it perfectly?



Smashing Keys


  • Speed Test - Click the Start the clock button, type the sample text, and then click the Stop the clock button.
  • Typing Speed Test - Beginner, novice, expert
  • Typing Test - One minute timing of your wpm


  • Keynet Touch Typing - Paste your own text to practice.
  • Learn2Type - The interactive exercises adjust to your skill level. The better you get, the more challenging the Typing exercises become.
  • Mr. Kent's Typing Tutor - Helps beginners learn the location of keys on the computer keyboard
  • Power Typing - Typing lessons for Qwerty, the US standard keyboard
  • Touch Typing - 15 lessons, or paste your own text and practice it
  • Typeonline - Ten practice lessons
  • TypingMaster - 12 lessons (Click on Try out Study Area.)