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Geography of India Lesson and Assessment

A Middle School Public Speaking Project on South Asia

The Geography of India

The physical geography of this subcontinent is amazing. In the north are the towering Himalaya mountains and the historically important Khyber Pass. From these highlands flow the Indus and Ganges rivers that give life to the valleys and plains below. Further south are the rainforests of the interior. The exotic waters of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal border this country on either side.

For this project, each student will be assigned one of the following geographic features.  Each geographic feature should have around the same number of students assigned to it. The geographic features are:


  • Himalaya Mountains
  • Kyber Pass
  • Thar Desert
  • Ganges River
  • Ganges Plain
  • Interior Rainforests
  • Indus River
  • Bay of Bengal
  • Arabian Sea

Research and Speaking Skills

Before writing the tour presentations, conduct all research for the assignments.  Two or three class sessions during the week will be enough so long as students use their time wisely. Links at the end of this page are great places to begin their research. Take notes on note cards or in outline format. Five key points that should be included in all presentations are:

Weather  *  Wildlife  *  People & Population  *  Major Economic Activities  *  Major Historical Events

Next, students need to write their tour presentations.  Record information on notecards and students and use research as a guide. Presentation should be engaging and exciting. Iinclude interesting information in speeches like record breaking facts or descriptions of exotic items from India. The speeches should also include a little humor and something fun or exciting.