Jennifer Higgins

7th grade /American Studies

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Weeks: Jan 17 - 19

Agenda ~ Description

Monday MLK holiday.  No school ..

We are studying the golden age of India to note achievements. I will read chapter 18, then while students work on the notebook for chapter 18,

I will read aloud from a novel on India (Kim, by Kipling) I started last week.  The novel shows many of the things we studied, and it is good literature as well.

Read Kim.  Students will get notebooks in shape to hand in on Thursday.  I don't mind if students bring snacks such as pretzels, popcorn....
Thursday Quiz over chapters 16, 17, 18.  Multiple choice.  Students will hand in notebooks.  I will count the notebook grade on quarter 3 work.  I will read Kim for whatever time is left.
Friday Teacher work day for grades.  No school for students.

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