Tech Type

About Tech Type

Course Description: The purpose of Tech Type is to allow students to become independent learners by practicing basic keyboarding skills and by working on spreadsheet, database, and slide shows projects. School Internet accounts are required for this course because some of the projects require Web reasearch.

Course Outline | Technology Scope and Sequence

Software: AppleWorks, Microsoft Word, MicroType, Power Point, and Zoho Wiki and Writer browserware

Course Length: Nine weeks

Guidelines | Lab Guidelines

Attendance and Tardies

Regular attendance is very important. It is difficult to be successful in school and in this class if you do not attend school regularly. You should think of going to school as your job. People who miss a lot of work get fired!


Make-Up Work


Extra Credit

Extra credit assignments are intended as enrichment activities, and for students who wish to improve borderline grades, not for students who dramatically increase their level of concern for their grades right before report cards are issued. For that reason:

Class Standards

1) Treat everyone with respect.

2) Respect your environment.

3) Be prepared for class every day.

4) Be responsible for your own behavior.

5) Do your best work.