Database Project- Grade 8

A database is a collection of related data or information. A phonebook is an example of a common database as is Schoolmaster. The phonebook contains records of peoples full name, phone number, and address. The information that is consistent in each record is called a field.

Your assignment is to create a database of 25 or more records. Each record will have at least five (5) fields.

You will create a title page, description paragraph, and a list print out of your database.

Make sure to alphabatize your database.

Please print out your title page and JUST the first page of your database: File, print, choose: from 1 to 1 and then hit print.

We will work on this for one week starting ….. and finishing ……

Suggestions for your database project:

Records                                                                      Fields

Address Book                                                                      First name, last name, phone number

                                                                                    cell phone number, address, bday

Baseball card                                                                       Player, position, team, records

collection                                                                      year card was issued, type of card

CD collection/songs                                                        Title of  CD, artist, year of publication

from Ipod                                                                      favorite song, where you got it

US States                                                                      Name of state, year it became a state, state

                                                                                    bird, state flower, state capital

Video game collection                                          Name of game, year, rating, your review,


You will turn in only 2 pages stapled on ……..

3.   A list view printout of the databases sorted in alphabetical order( or some other order which makes sense to the reader)Go to organize menu, sort records and move the category over that you want it alphabetized by.