9 of me

  1. Take a normal photo in photo booth.
  2. Drag photo into Photoshop(camera on bottom of dock)
  3. Find magnetic lasso too in tool bar.
  4. Trace JUST your head & shoulders. Does not need to be perfect
  5. Double click so that the line “marches” around your head & shoulders
  6. Go to the menu bar: Choose layer, then new, then via copy
  7. Select crop tool: Width- 2 in. Height- 2.5 in. Resolution- 300
  8. Click on file- select new, blank file- need to set dimensions @Width-6 in. Height-7.5 in. Resolution-300
  9. Make sure to do a file save onto the desktop once you have all 9 on the blank layer.
  10. Click on the move tool(your original picture will appear on the layer behind the new blank one) Drag your image 9 times so that you have 3 rows & 3 columns. OR you can drag 1 picture over, choose layer & then duplicate layer 8 times to create your 9 layers.
  11. IMPORTANT NOTE: Check the desktop after saving by minimizing Photoshop and make sure you can see your images of your 9 of me and not a picture of a camera(this means it did not save) Be prepared for unexpected closures and having to begin your project over again.
  12. Click on filters- filter gallery. You need to have 9 different images, 1 of them needs to stay recognizable
  13. You can also click on Enhance- Adjust color, Adjust Hue/Saturation
  14. When you are done, please print and then go to File, Save As and save it to your 4 RSD folder.