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Advertising Strategies and You!

You will need a printout of this Food Advertising Strategies page from the Media Awareness Network to complete this assignment.


McDonalds has been marketing to kids for generations. They know all the tricks but so do you. Take a look at their website and see if you can find an example of the some of the following marketing tricks. Answer with a quote from the website and a description of what’s on the screen. Check the “havin’ fun” and “Ronald McDonald” links.

  • Cartoon characters:
  • Family Fun:
  • Bandwagon

Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops is one of my oldest son’s favorite cereals. Check out their website and answer the following questions.

  • What popular movie and historical group is Fruit Loops using to their advantage?
  • What are three ways Fruit Loops ties the website into their cereal?


Gatorade is the sports drink of athletes. They use a different marketing scheme than other carbonated drinks. Find an example of the following food advertising strategies:

  • Star Power
  • Facts and Figures
  • Repetition


Click the Quicktime version of the prime rib on garlic bread commercial. Watch and answer:

  • What other sandwich franchise is Quiznos competing with? What marketing strategy are they using here?
  • Watch the Prime Rib video. This is an example of scale. Has any sandwich you’ve ordered from Quiznos looked this good?

Apple Computer

Choose any one of the ads to watch (or several). Apple computer is selling a product. What is that product?

  • What happens in this commercial?
  • What advertising strategies are used? Use examples to explain your choice.

This one's on you.

Choose a product website, your choice, and explain what is being sold and how it's being sold. Try to find at least two examples from the Food Advertising Strategies sheet. Be detailed!

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