IMovie Assignment

You and your team are creating a movie. You will use one of the 4 digital movie cameras to videotape your scene. You will download to your computer and edit your movie in the program called IMovie. After you have finished you will share the movie with IDVD and burn it to a DVD.

                                                        Ideas for Movie

Come up w/an idea, create a storyboard and a script. All videos will be 3-10 minutes. You may choose the one idea as your movie theme:

  1. Choose a route of JoLane to create a tour for the 6th grade orientation. Explain where you are, how to get help, how to get there, any other information that may be helpful to new students to Jolane. Please start at the front of the building, the route you take after that is up to you. You need to include all 6th grade classrooms for the incoming students so they know each team. Make arrangements with the adult in charge to videotape at an appropriate time if you are going to use a classroom or do an interview as these would be helpful to your video.
                    Making your movie

Videotape your movie. Tape less than 10 minutes total. You will be editing down to a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of ten minutes. Everyday you film, you need to get a cord to import your movie to your computer. You will open Imovie and create a new project and give it a name, save your movie to the movie folder not your 4RSD folder.


After your done shooting:

You will edit your video when you are finished shooting. Download your movie into IMovie and use the editing tools to make it look good. When you import your movie, you need to open a new project and use your names or initials as the name of the movie!!!

Minimum Requirements

  1. 1 example of a voiceover
  2. 1 example of added sound effects
  3. 1 example of added music from Garageband
  4. 3 or more special effects
  5. 3 or more transitions between movie clips
  6. A title
  7. Closing credits: include your names, anyone who may have helped, class period and date
  8. Imovie shared with IDVD and then burn your movie
  9. You will have no spelling or editing errors. Capitalize correctly
  10. All members will help edit the movie


After you are done editing your movie & making sure you have included all of the requirements, you need to share your movie with IDVD. You need to go to the share menu and click on IDVD. You will then click on the blue share button which will send you to IDVD. Once you are there, you need to choose a menu from the right side that you want to have as your main screen when you play your movie. Change "main" to whatever your movie is going to be called(your title) and add the word "play" next to the yellow button so you have something to click on to play your movie. You must then include pictures from your movie and/or photo booth in the available drop zones your menu has. After you are finished with all of this, make sure to save in IDVD and then you will be ready to burn your movie.