Inspiration Schedule Project

                                        Technology 8

                                        Mr. Thomas

You will be working on creating a diagram of your class schedule. Each of you should have your class schedule on the page when you turn it in.

The following items must be on your diagram:

         *A picture of you taken w/Photo Booth as a symbol with the title of “Your Name Class Schedule and Hobbies” under it in the text box that shows up after you click on your picture

         * Links to each of your class periods below your picture with a symbol for each period.(Make sure to include homeroom and lunch)

         * Links to each of your teacher’s names illustrated with a symbol below the class periods

         * Links below your teachers names with the current assignment in the class listed with a symbol

         * Links below your picture that show at least 2 pictures of hobbies that you have

         * Change color, line pattern, and fill pattern on at least one symbol for each class

         * Fill the page background with a color

         *One hyperlink to JoLane’s web site with a computer symbol

         *A note added to your favorite class explaining why it is your favorite class

When you are done save a copy to your folder as “Your Name Schedule Hobbies’