1.Open Power Point (Orange P in the dock.)

Click on Power Point Presentation.

Open the Slide Design menu (Format/Slide Design). Look at the bottom left of the Slide Design Menu and choose either the Apply to all slides or Apply to the current slide radio button, depending which you want for a background design.

2.You will have 8 slides of your classes including one for homeroom and one for lunch. Each needs to include the class and teachers name.

3. Each slide must have a colored background or one with a picture.

4. Each slide must have a slide transition with it.

5. Half of your slides need to have a sound effect on them.


-To get a new slide, go to the insert menu and click on new slide

-To change a background, go to the format menu and choose slide background. If you choose a slide design, make sure to change the button to "apply to the current slide" from apply to all slides

-To get sound effects and a slide transition go to slide show and then choose slide transition

-You can use the Formatting Palette Menu (View/Formatting Palette.) The Formatting Palette is a handy way to quickly add shapes, lines, clip art, pictures, and new slides, You can also choose a slide template, change the font and size, and animate text, pictures, and transitions between slides.