CIS assignment

You need to log onto the following site: may need to enter this into the address bar) or you can enter CIS Oregon into the google search bar and get there from google.

  1. Go to "sign in" (above the lady's head) & sign in to CIS: user name: Jolane & password: careers
  2. Click on "what to do first" and watch the career planning tutorial.
  3. Open the Career Planning Portfolio Worksheet and use while watching the tutorial.
  4. Create your own Career Planning Portfolio, you will need to come up with a username and password that you can remember.
  5. Then click on Career Cluster and answer the 100?s it has for you. When finished you need to look at the results under Career Cluster inquiry answers.
  6. After looking at answers, find the highest category. Choose the category and find three jobs within that category that interest you. You need to find out the following information about each job: skills & abilities you may need, types courses you would take in high school, activities that would be helpful, courses to study after high school. List these on a blank word document.