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After you've clicked the new page button...

You have some choices. If you don't want to start your next page from scratch you can copy and paste from your master (or home) page. Use the Pages menu on the left to move between created pages. The problem with this is it will only copy the elements on your page and you will have to "reformat" using the page properties button.

Or you can base your new page on an already published page. Select the new page button and in the menu on the left choose copy of current page. This works great because it uses all the formatting and colors you've already done. Note the page has to be published before it can be copied.

Contribute also has some templates available to you as may your web master for your building site.

Things to consider...

Keep elements and colors consistant between pages. Use the design practice of repetition. This lets the user know that they are still in the same website. Pay attention to:

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Last updated: September 11, 2006