8th Grade Word Processing Review

Open a blank document in word. You are going to create a poem of 11 lines with the following information. Remember to use answers appropriate for school.

On line 1 type your first name.

On line 2 type three words that describe you.

On line 3 type three things you like.

On line 4 type three things you do not like.

On line 5 type two movies you have seen.

On line 6 type three things you are afraid of.

On line 7 type three things you like about school.

On line 8 type two goals you have for this school year.

On line 9 type the name of some place you would like to visit.

On line 10 type two things you like to do after school.

On line 11 type your last name.

After you have typed all the lines, highlight lines and center them in the middle of the page. Change line spacing to double space. Go to Format/Document and set your top margin to 2. Open the insert menu and add a graphic or two to illustrate your hobby or favorite things. Make sure everything is on one page. Save to your DATA folder —call it my poem. Print one copy.



Happy sensitive pretty

Texting music sunshine

Mean people cookies monsters

Friday the 13th The Notebook

Lions monsters the dark

Friends lunch 1st period

Good grades not miss school

Text hang out