Scavenger Hunt

Your job is to use various Internet search engines and the media center catalog to find accurate information about the following tasks.

Task 1:           Find out what the high & low temperatures will be tomorrow.

Task 2:           Define triskaidekaphobia.

Task 3:           How many lines are in a limerick?

Task 4:           Where can you find what books are available at Umpqua Community College?

                       (use our Research Engine)

Task 5:           Who was the last NASCAR driver to win the Winston Cup?

Task 6:           Name a famous author from our state.

Task 7:           Find 2 facts about the state of Oregon using the Trail research engine.

Task 8:           Find the population of 3 different countries using the Trail research engine.

Task 9:           Find the call number & author of The Legend of Jesse Owens using the media center link.

Task 10:           Find 2 events at the BI-LO center in Greenville, South Carolina this month.

Task 11:           Who wrote the poem Jabberwocky?

Task 12:           Find the location of Crown Point in the state of Oregon.

Your answer sheet should look like this:

1. Search Terms:

Url of site: