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Curriculum Summary - All lessons are based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Students and Roseburg Public Schools Middle School Scope and Sequence.

Based on a nine week schedule, one period per day, students use Macintosh computers running Mac OS X.4, iLife Suite (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand), AppleWorks, Microtype, Contribute, and PhotoShop Elements 3. It is highly recommeneded that students have Internet access at school.

Keyboarding Skills:
Goal: Introduce keyboarding, correct posture, fingering, learn letter keys, introduce number keys, and practice accuracy.
Major Lessons: MicroType keyboarding program. Students practice in MicroType for 20-30 minutes per day. Each student moves through the lessons at his/her own pace.

Computer Basics:
Goal: Introduce the computer as technology, introduce vocabulary, general info and history
Major Lessons: Ongoing process, vocabulary and information is integrated into other areas.
Note: We work on Macintosh computers using Mac OS X.4 operating system. The iLife suite includes GarageBand, iPhoto, and iMovie.

Word Processing:
Goal: Introduce basic skills in word processing (spacing rules, document format, word wrap, spell checker, etc.)
Major lesson: Word processing project and celebrity business letter. However, word processing is also an integral part of other assignments and students are expected to practice good writing and typing techniques throughout the nine weeks. We use AppleWorks as the primary word processing program.

Goal: Introduce draw techniques, tools, and menus to add graphics and other elements to documents, add picture from a digital camera to the document.
Major Lesson: Word processing project, Key Behaviors slide shows, Internet Teen-Safety poster.

Digital Camera:
Goal: Introduce iPhoto, using a digital camera and downloading pictures.

Presentation skills:
Goal: Introduce presentation software as another way to share work with the class.
Major Assignment: AppleWorks slide show on the schoolwide key behaviors.

Internet skills w/ focus on Safe use and school policy
Goal: Safe use, school policy, logging on and off, navigating skills.
Major Assignments: Super Searchers Scavenger Hunt, Worksheets, discussion, teen-safety website (project/poster)

Spreadsheet charting skills:
Goal: Introduce basic charting skills using a simple spread sheet program and gathered data.
Major Assignment: Spread sheet project where students develop a series of questions, gather answers and compile data, then present their information in a charted document; CD-Cover art project.

Web Page building:
Goal: Use the program Contribute to edit and publish a simple webpage. Students will add a blog (journal) to their pages. Pages are published only in district and not available at home or elsewhere on the internet. Students do not have to have Internet access to do this project.

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