Veterans Day Assignment

Match the following words with the correct sentence, use your dictionary on the computer or the internet to look up words you are not familiar with.

1.The absence of war or other hostilities. ________________

2. A private in military service, as distinguished from an officer. ______________

3. Long exercised in anything, especially in military life and the duties of an officer. _______________

4. War to end all wars. _____________________

5.National holiday on November 11th. _______________________

6.Location of bloody battle in Belgium. _______________

7. A cessation of arms for a short time, a truce. ______________________

8. Many people observe this at 11 a.m. on Veterans Day. ___________________

9. Original name for Veterans Day. ____________________

10. A symbol of Veterans Day. __________________________


Veterans Day



Armistice Day

World War I




Flanders Field

Moment of silence