Andrea McClendon

Grade 7 White Math

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College graduated from:

Eastern Oregon State College

Number of years teaching: 13 years

Number of years at JoLane:

4 years    

Interview Questions: Answers:
When you were in middle school, what was your favorite thing[s] to do? Hanging out with my friends, jumping on the trampoline, swimming at the river, and eating soft serve swirl ice cream.

What was your favorite band

or musician?

Air Supply

What sports or other curricular activities did you participate in?

I played volleyball and basketball.

If you could be a super hero who would you be, or what powers would you have? I have never dreamed to be a superhero. If you use the natural talents God gave you, you can reach all your goals.
When did you know you wanted to be a teacher? My senior year of college. I had been working as a teacher and found that I really enjoyed that experience.
Who is [or was] your inspiration? My parents were both teachers. I learned from them what a great experience teaching was.
Tell us something about yourself that is unexpected or surprising about yourself. I am an amateur photographer. I love taking pictures. I have won many ribbons at the local fair. The world is a picture. You can beauty in everything. you just need to know how to frame it.
Mrs. McClendon teaching her fifth period class.

By: Carley P.

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