Question and Answer..

Q: Why did you choose to be on yearbook staff??

A: I chose to sign up for yearbook beacause I though it would be a fun experiance.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing about the yearbook?

A: I think the most important thing about the yearbook is the pictures. lol

I mean if you didn't have pictures what would you look back on??

Q: What is the hardest part about being on the yearbook staff??

A: For me the hardest parts is meeting your deadline on time somtimes.

It is also hard taking pictures because not everyone likes there picture

being taken.

Q: What is your favorite thing about yearbook??

A: My favorite thing is the experiances that you have with the yearbook staff

and my peers. I also enjoy all the fun, crazy memories that I already have!!!

Q: What is your favorite job in yearbook??


Q: What did you most during yearbook??

A: Having a wonderful time!!!

HELLO WORLD!! lol I'm sooo hypd up!! lol or however you spell that. :) Soccer  is starting today! March 8, 2010!! It's sooooooooo exciting! lol We had a basketball game yesterday and lol the last 2 min were very intense ! I mean like really really really intense!! So intense that you were like on the edge of your seat! lol SOCCER!! I love all my friends! lol Esp. my 3 best friends! lol Can't tell who though it's a secret.. shhh!! lol :) My three favorite colors are blue, green, and orange. but I like green and orange together they look freaking awesome together lol! I am hanging with my BFFL Maddie !! :) lololololol we love taking crazy, funny, wacky, kinda inspiring, stupid, interesting, very funny, amazing, serious, awesome, what the heck are you doing?,photo booth pictures!! :) lol

Here are a lot of those pics. hope you enjoy them as much as WE do!!! :D



Things that I WANT to do!

Swamp Soccer

Bungee Jumping

Pet a Giraffe

Meet the Green Men!!

See some amazing sidewalk illusions!


Meet this thing :)


Charlie the Unicorn

George Sampson (Brittians Got Talent)

Spelling Bee

SNL Twilight

Little League