Emily Carter

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General Facts

Mrs. Carter has been teaching for 4 years.

Mrs. Carter has been teaching at Jo Lane for 4 years.

Mrs. Carter graduated from the University of Montana.


1. In middle school who was your favorite teacher? Why?

Mrs. Carter's favorite teacher in middle school is Mr. Brown her 7th grade Life Science teacher because his class was very hard and he had very had expectations.

2. In middle school what did you usually wear to school? What was your style?

What Mrs. Carter wore to school was what was in style which was big, baggy jeans, adidas shoes, and big hoop earings.

3. Who inspired you to become a teacher?

Mrs. Carter didn't really have someone who inspired her she just always knew she wonted to be a teacher.

4.Which class did you hate the most in middle school? Why?

The class Mrs. Carter hated the most in middle school was 8th grade math. She says it was really, really hard subject for her.

5. What was your favorite movie in middle school?

Mrs. Carter's favorite movies in middle school where Dirty Dancing and Top Gun. Even though they came out before she was in middle school they where still her sleepover favorites.

By Natalie

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