Erin Cline


I wanted to do yearbook this year because I was in Yearbook last year and had a great time.

I think the most important part of yearbook is making a book everyone can appreciate.

The worst part about Yearbook is when you do really stupid things and end up missing a deadline. And it is always completely your fault.  

I would choose to do Yearbook again but I don't recommend it for everyone.

My favorite part of Yearbook is editing pages, helping people, and designing pages.

Period Teacher class
0 Thomas Homeroom
1 Kaser Social Studies
2 Cookus Science
3 McDaniel English
4 Hall Math
5 Thomas Yearbook!!!
6 Grosh/Thomas/Miller P.E./Technology/World Languages


My Life:



                 A Saber! :) :) :)                   Irish dance:)                   OSF!(Oregon Shakespere Festival)

                 I love Fencing                      5 years....                     The Elizabethian Theatre:)




                            I make most of                                 This is Miata. She

                            my jewlery.                                    likes purple markers.