Eric Olson

6th Grade Social Studies/English

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   Mr. Olson

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." -Steve Prefontaine

College graduated from:

University of Oregon and Willamette

Number of years  teaching:


Number of years at JoLane:




Were there any teachers that inspired you to become one when you were little?

I really enjoyed Mr. Heaton's U.S. History classes right here in jolane.(27 years ago)

Why do you choose to teach L.A. and S.S. instead of science or math?

I've taught all of the subjects at Elementary, but for the time being I'm focused on L.A. and S.S.

Whats your favorite part about teaching the 6th grade?

Seeing the fantastic projects my students create come to life.

Do you enjoy teaching in general or just the 6th grade?

In general, I teach an adult ESL class at the college and enjoy the difference in age groups and content. In the future I hope to teach scuba diving and or fly tying.



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