Well hello, I'm Fiona(:




What was your favorite part of yearbook?

Being able to design my own page and working with my friends.

Why did you want to be on the yearbook staff?

I thought it would be a great experience (which it was) and helpful for the future.

What was the hardest part about being on yearbook?

I didn't like working with certain programs. They were confusing at times and didn't work half the time!

Did you enjoy your time on yearbook this year?

I did enoy yearbook, thanks for asking! (:

My people =D



Period 0 Homeroom Mr.Hall
Period 1 American Studies Mrs. Kaser
Period 2 Wellness Mr.Lovemark
Period 3 Language Arts Mrs. McDaniel
Period4 Sceience Mr.Cookus
Lunch Eat Food! Thomas? (Room)
Period 5 Yearbook Mr. Thomas
Period 6 Math Period 6