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        7th Grade Math, Red team!

Questions and Answers;

Why did you become a teacher?

A: "I became a teacher because I had the most wonderful sixth grade teacher you could ever ask for. There was so many positives during the year...too many to mention. I really wanted to be a positive caring influence on other children and give them a piece of what I had."

What is your favorite equation to solve?

A: "oh, my... I love long equations for using oder of operations. I have one in my "fun" folder that takes up a half sheet of paper!"

What is your favorite part about teaching 7th grade?

A: "I think the best part about teaching 7th grade is all the quirky behavior tthat children this age exhibit. Twelve year olds think that they know soo much, and yet, are still just little kids. They have a funny sence of humor, do silly things and always make me smile."


Why did you choose to teach 7th grade?

A: I taught every grade imaginable in elementary school before coming into middle school. 7th grade, for me, is a perfect fit. At this age the students are still young enough to be silly an dlaugh at the littlest things. They don't worry as much about what it will look like. There is still an innocence about them, and yet they are old enough to want their independence. I like that!


Do you think you eill ever get bored of just teacing math? Why or why not?

A: I don't think I will get bored teaching math. Although there is a set answer in math, there are many different ways of teaching it. The curriculum chages, and the texts that we teach out of change, the students definatly change. All of these things together challenge me to change how I teach. Math, for me, is like a game. I like to think of how many different ways a person can go about getting an answer. I like to see how the studdents solve a problem in a way that I have never thought of. It's fun!


By: Taylor Beecher :)

By Amanda!

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