I wanted to be one of the yearbook staff because I love to take pictures of anything

but me. I also enjoy putting things together and I figured it would be fun to make our

school yearbook. I also like it because it doesn't feel like a real class. There's not

really a teacher and everyone does whatever they want.


I think the most important thing about the yearbook is to make sure lots of people are included, that it's fun and colorful, and that all the pages are done in time.

The hardest thing in yearbook is getting everyone to agree on everything and to not get upset when something doesn't go how they wanted it to go.... And making deadlines.

My favorite thing in yearbook is being able to hang out with my friends and being able to do almost anything you want!

My favorite job in yerbook is taking pictures and helping Thomas edit pages.

During this class I spent most of my time talking with Mr.Thomas,messing around with friends, or doing something on the computer.


                                               Miata's page


Period Class Teacher
           1 Social Studies Mrs. Kaser
           2 P.E.!!! Mr. Lovemark
           3 Science Mr. Cookus
           4 English Mrs. McDaniel
           5 Yearbook!!!! Mr. Thomas!!
           6 Math :( Mr. Hall :(






                                                I LOVE HAWAII!!!!!!! 


                                                             MY FRIENDS: