Well I gotta show you my schedule so I'll do that now...

Homeroom: Cookus!

1st: Cookus...science!

2nd: Hall...Math!

3rd: Pecorilla...Independent study!

4th: Kaser...American History!

5th: Thomas...Yearboook!

6th: Mcdaniel...English!


Hey eveyone! I t's Kiana. I'm in yearbook and lovin' it! It is by far my favorite class. haha all the other ones are boring....I mean in yearbook you get to have fun and make something that the whole school will look at. (hopefully love!)....I'm really loving the background right now haha...well anyways...haha..I play volleyball and really want to get a scholarship. I love all my friends..one of them is Taylor! (she's sitting next to me right now) I would have to say my best friend is Krystal...Erickson haha. We are really crazy sometimes. We always say that we are restricted...and two restricted friends together have the best time! (Restricted is like mental) well um...my favorite number is 3! I dont know why but it is :) Okay lets see...I really like to just hang out and have fun with all my friends. Wow...im very tired right now. I could definitely take a nap right now. So..I'm not quite sure what i shall talk about right now so I am going to show you some picures!

I know these are bot really random but I have a lot of shirts like that and I love them!

They are hilarious!  I'm not sure what the bottom right one says but oh well the other ones are cool. I was going to get the one

that says, "I'm on a roll" but i couldn't :( they didn't have my size...darn! I don't realy get the one on the top left. I mean I

get that its food and it was baked in the oven and I know it's a muffin type thing but there has got to be another meaning

for it because there always is with the David and Goliath shirts.

I only have that picture because I'm very cold and I want it to be summer alrealy...

Actually no...just kidding! I want it to be May because that means my birthday and going to Hawaii!!! I'm so excited haha

I went last year for my 13th birthday and I'm going again for my 14th :) yay! Back to the picture...it just reminds of  the warm :)

summer and the warm.

Okay...this is my absolute favorite place to be! (It's Hawaii by the way!) haha I absolutely love it...I've only gone once but I

still love it very much! The fisrt time I went I got to swim with dolphins :) and Turtles :) (those are my two favorite animals) I got to meet one of my aunts for the first time which was great!!! I can't wait to go back for my birthday again this year...my mom, aunt (that lives in Roseburg...I only say that cuz I have a lot) and my cousin, Isaiah. He's awesome. It will definitely make the trip even more fun! :)

Cute huh? :) haha gotta love her...we have so much fun in yearbook together. It's great. If I didn't have Taylor I would still be okay in yearbook but it is WAY  more fun with her! haha

so my day has been pretty good so far...its a Monday by the way. Monday's are the worst in my opinion just because you are still in the weekend kind of feel. We just had Spring break and it was fun but went by WAY  to fast! I could have gone for another week of break for sure :) All i did was volleyball and work out haha. I had a fundraiser for volleyball and it was really fun. We danced with signs outside of Applebee's to advertise it. It was a pancake fundraiser and it went for two hours. Almost the whole time i was outside with a sign so I got very cold!




Okay...well we have required questons we have to answer so I'm going to.

1. What was your favorite part of yearbook?

       A: Being able to just make it and be around some friends.

2. Why did you want to be on yearbook?

      A: I thought it would ne fun to make something for the whole school and I thought it would be good to learn more about tech.

3. What was the hardest part about being in yearbook?

      A. Using InDesign!!!

4: Did you enjoy your time on yearbook staff?

      A: Yes! I loved it. I want to keep doing yearbook in high school.