"Boogers are like love. You keep picking at it until you get it, then once you have it you don't know what to do with it."



                 My favorite part of being in Yearbook was taking pictures and laughing my head off with Amber and Raluca.

      I wanted to in Yearbook because I like designing pages and and taking pictures.

       Making everything perfect and trying to find headlines.

                           YES!!! It was a blast. I always looked forward to this class! =)                                       


Period Subject Teacher
Per. 1 Social studies Kaser
Per.2 Science Cookus
Per.3 Language Arts McDaniel
Per.4 P.E Groshong
Per.5 Yearbook Thomas
Per.6 Math Hall (Snarfelpop)

Hello! I'm supposed to be writing random stuff about myself and I and a very random person so this could take a while! My favorite songs are Hallelujah,

I'm Already There, and All the Above. I love to laugh and be hyper and whenever i'm with Amber and Raluca I go crazy!! I love playing sports, hanging out with friends, and making chipmunk videos! :)     Oh and my favorite colors are PURPLE and YELLOW!!                                         




                                   My favorite food is potatoes!!!                                                                                         I also LOVE bacon!!