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whitney's page

well, im not exactly sure what this page is for so

lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaso i was thinking abou the song blah blah blah, it is extremely inaproprieate! or however you spell that haha! bu

t seriously, its not good. its talking about dirty things! lol but a good song is tik tok, even though, i suppose that is innaproprieate too.

oh well haha its a good song (:)


What was your favorite part of yearbook?

         Definitely, my favorite part of yearbook is the creativity and the people :)

Why did you want to be on the yearbook staff?

         I wanted to create something that would last a life time. Which is what I did by creating a yearbook.

What was the hardest part about being on yearbook?

         The hardest part was the people…just kidding! Probably making deadline, and dealing with the dreadful Thomas, naww I’m just kidding again, I love Thomas. Haha, mostly ;) but I really found it difficult when the system we were using to create the yearbook pages didn’t work.

Did you enjoy your time on yearbook this year?

         In a word, YES! In 2 word MOST DEFINETLY! In 3 words OF COURSE YA! In 4 words, HOW COULD I NOT?!? In 5 words THINK MAN! YES I DID! In 6 words…well I think you get it :)


amber me and lexa!!!

amber me and lexa!!!

me and lexa!!!

taylor me and kiana

taylor me and kiana

kiana me and taylor

kiana me and taylor

miata me and fiona

me vs lexa

me and amber

me and amber

me and mason!!!!!!!!!

me and raluca!!!

me and mason!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sammy and me, and our toung tattoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me and erika and our toung tattoos!!!!!! haha

mason and me

mason and me!!!

me and fiona! oh, and I LOVE MY DUCKS!!!!!

me and lexa

me and mason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!