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Curriculum Summary - All lessons are based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Students and Roseburg Public Schools Middle School Scope and Sequence.

Based on a nine week schedule, one period per day, students use Macintosh computers running Mac OS X.4, iLife Suite (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand), AppleWorks, Microtype, Contribute, and PhotoShop Elements 3. It is highly recommeneded that students have Internet access at school.

Keyboarding Skills:
Goal: Introduce keyboarding, correct posture, fingering, learn letter keys, introduce number keys, and practice accuracy.
Major Lessons: MicroType keyboarding program. Students practice in MicroType for 20-30 minutes per day. Each student moves through the lessons at his/her own pace.

Computer Basics:
Goal: Introduce the computer as technology, introduce vocabulary, general info and history
Major Lessons: Ongoing process, vocabulary and information is integrated into other areas.
Note: We work on Macintosh computers using Mac OS X.4 operating system. The iLife suite includes GarageBand, iPhoto, and iMovie.

Word processing:
Goal: Introduce and improve basic WP skills, encourage “transfer” to other applications.
Skills: Copy and paste, document formatting, text formatting, alignment, editing with spell checker, punctuation and spacing, keycaps for dingbats, tab stops, margins,Major Assessment tools: teacher observation, WP test, finished projects

Draw tools and techniques:
Goal: Introduce and improve the use of draw tools and apply these skills to created documents, transfer skills to different applications
Skills: draw and paint tools and palettes, formatting a document, incorporate digital photos into documents,
Major lessons: AppleWorks slide show; many skills are integrated into other lessons
Major Assessment tools: teacher observation, finished projects, presentation to the class, self evaluation

improve research skills, use search engines and keywords to locate information, downloading images to use in other applications, collecting data, identifying the source, navigating efficiently,
Major lessons: Research for the PowerPoint project,
Major Assessment tools: teacher observation, Internet test, finished projects

Goal: introduce PowerPoint, learn basic tools, setting up a slide shows, showing slide shows, organization, adding slides, etc., adding sounds, graphics, word art, and so forth.
Major lesson: Superhero project
Major Assessment tools: teacher observation, finished projects, presentation to the class, self evaluation

Computer Skills:
: Improve basic skills,
Skills: File management, saving, printing, moving between applications, transferring skills from one application to another, understanding the district network. Using the computer projector and smart board.
Major lessons: These skills are integrated into the rest of the curriculum
Major Assessment tools: teacher observation, finished projects

Video Editing:
Students will us iMovie and digital video cameras to create a three minute QuickTime movie and burn it to a cd.
Skills: basic camera skills, simple storyboarding or script writing, understanding the pre-production, production and post-production stages; simple video editing including sound effects, transitions, special effects, cropping, titles, and scene selection.


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