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Photo Gallery Instructions

To add a new photo gallery, just create a folder in the /Photo-Galleries directory and copy/paste the index.html file from any of the other gallery folders to it.

Once you have the index.html file in the right place, create a "photos" folder and copy your sized and formatted photos into it.

Next, open the index.html file in an editor and manually add the names to the photos. You should be able to simply replace the names of the files that are already there. Be careful to leave the path (photos/) or the slideshow won't be able to find the photos.

Lastly, add the name of the gallery and a link to the Photo-Galleries/index.html page and upload the whole thing to the web server.

Should be just that easy. There are specific instructions inside the html file if you need more help.

If all else fails, email for help.

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