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"Time slips by through the days, months, and years; slipping with important events and happenings, even if it does not mean anything today, it will in time."

1899 - High School courses first taught.
1901 -
Girls' basketball and boys' football team were organized.
1902 -
Boys' basketball team was arranged.
1903 -
First graduating class of eight students.
1905 -
Debating team established
1908 -
The "UMPQUA" yearbook staff was first instructed, making four volumes per year and class.
1911 -
Student Council was organized to replace the Student Body organizations.
1914 -
Rose school closed to students in spring. Students were then sent to Lane
1916 -
Fire destroys Lane
1920-1925 -
Roseburg High II was built between Douglas and Washington streets.
1926 -
Present RHS was designed of concrete out in a cow pasture, "Bellows Field". The school consisted of 15 classrooms, with a combined gymnasium and auditorium.
1945-1946 -
Shop Building was built.
1950 -
Art Building was completed.
1951 -
Humanities building rebuilt from the old Fullerton II School.
1954 -
Physical Education Building was ready for use.
1964 -
Commons was erected
1965 -
Schools own radio station (KRHS). The Commons was finally completed.
1969 -
Roseburg School District began a work experience program.
1973-1974 -
The Vocational Building constructed.
1975 -
Student council builds the teepee.
1988 -
The Quad, Commons, Library, and two history rooms were remodeled.
1991 -
Additions to electives included Macintosh classes and wellness.
1993 -
Homecoming bonfire blazes after twenty years.
1994-1995 -
Athletic locker rooms were remodeled. Indian sign placed in parking lot.
2001 -
Weight room torn down
2002 -
Started construction on the new Fine Arts building, where homes once stood next to freeway.
2003 -
Completed Construction of the Fine Arts Building/Student Center.
2003 -
Humanities, Fine Arts Building, and Student Center torn down, Construction on the "New Main" started.
2004 - Construction of "The New Main" completed.



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Main Heritage
New Main Main
Vo-Tech Technical Building
Commons Commons
Student Center Fine Arts Building