Heritage Mural

Western Mural
Created by the class of 1965
Graphic artists: Dick Gorthy, Mke Cacy, and Ron Leep

This mural was painted over this year to make way for the addition of large framed reproductions of historical photos that will be mounted on the walls of the hallways and stairwells of the Heritage building. The mural was in an odd spot and not compatible with the photo reproductions. It has been preserved here on the Heritage page for historical perspective.

Background from on the 1965 artists:
The cartoon-like style with inked outlines of the mural is typical of  my brother Dick’s style then and later.  Even his fine art work has that blocked, cartoonish quality. My brother joined the Marines and went to Viet Nam right after high school.  He was at Khe Sahn during the Tet siege for a point of reference.  He's on a PTSD disability now.  His style is real distinctive, to me anyway.  Like his own voice, you know?  There's an artist that displays in a gallery in Bandon that has much the same thing going on.  

Mike Cacy lived in Portland for many years and worked as an illustrator. Airbrush was his medium.  He's talented and successful.  I've got a poster in my office that I think is typical of his work.  He gave it to my son, Clint, when he went to work in graphic design in Portland.  Mike now lives in the Bahamas and teaches air brush illustrating at the university level.  If you'd like the poster for posterity, you're welcome to it.  In fact,

I don't know what Ron Leep went on to do, but somebody in the class of '65 reunion committee would probably know.

Submitted by Steve Gorthy
Assistant Principal of RHS, 2005-2006