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Accounting 1/2


Grade Level: 11, 12 (10 with teacher approval

Length of course: Year

Pre-requisite: Accounting 1 - None, Accounting 2 - Accounting 1

Credit: 1

Accounting 1 - Course Overview: : Students will learn the basic accounting principles and procedures for businesses in the private enterprise economy. Students will understand the importance of profit in ensuring business success. Preparation for entry level accounting jobs will be stressed, covering general journal entries, specialized journals, payroll, petty cash, adjustments, closing, and banking procedures. Students will be introduced to accounting on the computer and spreadsheets.

Accounting 2 - Course Overview: This second year is specifically vocational and career oriented. It is planned for the student who has one or more of the following objectives: to become a bookkeeper or an accountant’s assistant upon graduation from high school, to attend college and major in accounting, marketing, management, or some other phase of business administration, and to know more about business procedures and business records than could be learned in a first-year course. Students will do accounting work with an integrated accounting package and use spreadsheet programs on a Windows system.



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