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- Introduction to Metals Technology
- Intermediate Metal Fabrication
- Advanced Metal Fabrication
- Intermediate Manufacturing Technology
- Advanced Manufacturing Technology
- Intro. to Agriculture Mechanics
- Agriculture Leadership
- Woodworking I
- Woodworking II & III
- Drafting I
- Technical Drafting
- Architectural Design
- 3D Animation
- Automated Manufacturing
- Construction I
- Construction II & III
- Work Experience
- Foods I
- Foods II
- International Foods
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations I
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations II
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations III
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations IV
- Introduction to Child Development
- Marriage, Family, and Parenting Skills
- Planning Activities for Young Children
- Early Childhood Education Practicum Experience I/II
- Life in the Real World
- Teen Parent Resource
- Accounting I
- Accounting II
- Keyboarding/Word Processing
- Computer Skills
- Computers in Business
- Marketing

Hospitality, Tourism,
& Recreation III


Grade Level: 11, 12

Length of Course: Year

Pre-requisite: Passing grade in Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation II

Credit: 1

Fee: $10.00 per Semester

Course Overview: The purpose of this course is to provide specialized classroom instruction and practical experience to prepare students for employment in the hospitality industry with an emphasis on resort management. This course will also deal with tourism and travel opportunities, as a career and as a consumer. The final quarter focuses on recreation - as a career choice and as a consumer. The class participates in the catering business, First Class Catering. Student internships for those who want to put in 400 hours and try for National Certification in the Hospitality Industry. Leadership development is integrated into the instructional program and further enhanced through the opportunity to participate in Future Family and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) activities. Students who complete at least two full years of HTR and pass with 80% or higher and work in a catering business, can earn up to 6 college credits towards a culinary arts degree from one of the articulated post-secondary schools.


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