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Marriage, Family and Parenting Skills


Grade Level: 9 (with instructor approval), 10, 11, 12

Length of course: Semester

Pre-requisite: None

Credit: 1/2 (Waives Senior Health)

Course Overview: The Marriage, Family & Parenting Skills course will give students the opportunity to explore and analyze the functions of various types of relationships within the family and how the family as a system impacts society. Emphasis will be placed on interpersonal relationships, positive communication and conflict management strategies for use in a family setting. Students will demonstrate an appreciation for diverse perspectives, needs and characteristics of individuals and families in a variety of cultures. Additionally, students will be required to analyze the roles and responsibilities of parents today as well as identify the parenting practices that maximize children’s growth and development. Various external support systems for families, including those agencies and programs available in Douglas County, will be identified and explored by students. This course is designed as an entry-level course, open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors, though preference is given to pregnant and parenting students.


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