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- 9th Grade Integrated Science
- Applied Integrated Science
- Biology
- AP Biology
- Medical Biology A
- Medical Biology B

- Chemistry

- Advanced Chemistry
- Anatomy and Physiology
- Conceptual Physics
- Advanced Physics

-Natural Resources:
Renewable Resources

- Natural Resources:
Non-Renewable Resources
- Forestry
- Introduction to Horticulture
- Geology (1st semester) Astronomy/Meteorology (2nd semester)
- Forensic Science
Medical Biology B

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

Length of Course: Semester

Pre-requisite: Biology with a “C” or Better in Both Semesters or Teacher Signature

Credit: ½

Course Overview: This course is a hands-on, project-oriented class designed for those interested in medicine. Learn in-depth about the effects of meth, cocaine, other specific drugs, alcohol, and injury upon the brain. Learn specifically how cancer occurs and progresses and the newest methods of treatment. Use biotechnology to splice genes, run DNA fingerprinting, and study genetic diseases. You will also study medical ethics issues such as stem cells and genetic therapy. Learn through simulations, guest speakers, and many activities how to diagnose from symptoms, how to read various medical tests, and how doctors treat various injuries and illnesses.

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