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- 9th House
- Library Media Aide
- Student Aide
- Pre-Teach
- Leadership
- Release Time (Religious Study)
- ELL 1
- ELL 2
- Step-Up

Educational Development and Supportive Programming

- Life Skills Math A

- Life Skills Math B

- Ramp-up to Algebra
- Language Arts Foundations
- Advanced Language Arts
- Language 1
- Language 2
- Standards Support

- Introduction to Pathways

-Career Exploration

- Connections B

- Developmental Learning Center (DLC)
- Pathways (18+)
- Success 9/10 and 11/12

Language Arts Foundations

Length of Course: Full Year - This class is a two-period block

Pre-requisite: IEP and Instructor Approval

Credit: 1 Modified English Credit & 1 Elective Credit

Course Overview: This course uses the Corrective Reading program as a base for its curriculum. The program was developed to meet the needs of all delayed readers, students with language-based learning disabilities, and students who have not developed literacy despite participation in literacy instruction. Corrective Reading explicitly teaches reading decoding and comprehension skills and is designed to be cumulative, systematic, and explicit in its instructional method.


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