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- 9th House
- Library Media Aide
- Student Aide
- Pre-Teach
- Leadership
- Release Time (Religious Study)
- ELL 1
- ELL 2
- Step-Up

Educational Development and Supportive Programming

- Life Skills Math A

- Life Skills Math B

- Ramp-up to Algebra
- Language Arts Foundations
- Advanced Language Arts
- Language 1
- Language 2
- Standards Support

- Introduction to Pathways

-Career Exploration

- Connections B

- Developmental Learning Center (DLC)
- Pathways (18+)
- Success 9/10 and 11/12

Work Experience

Grade Level: 11, 12

Pre-requisite: Employment

Credit: 1

Course Overview: The work experience program gives students the opportunity to enjoy an actual on the job learning situation while still in school. Juniors and seniors may take a maximum of three credits. In any case, however, no more than five credits can be applied toward the 25.5 necessary for graduation. The work experience supervisor and counselor must approve the application based on the following criteria: Working hours must be a minimum of three school days per week, working station must be approved by the work experience supervisor, and there must be an approved connection with curriculum.

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