Poetry by: Gage Thompson | Clayton Watsworth | Ashley Quast | Cody Kessler

Poetry By Clayton Watsworth

The Battle of the Christmas Lights

As I looked from the window,
The neighbor’s yard shines bright,
I grow red with jealousy,
Their house shines from the night.
My wife looks at me
All hopes and dreams,
I’m not confident however,
That I can do what she needs.

First I must buy the lights,
An adventure to a redneck like me,
As soon as I enter the store I ask,
“do ya alls gots a place to pee?”
I remember the kind my wife said to get,
“White and green” she pleads.
As I leave the store, I’m proud.
I know I can do what she needs.

First I retrieve the ladder,
Another adventure? You bet!
I’ve got the ladder where I need it,
Im proud, when I realize, I haven’t started yet!
It’s three o’clock, I’m still standing,
Shuddering with horror, you see.
Then I straighten my back and say,
“I will do what she needs!”

Three days later, I’m proud,
I’ve finished, I say to Sue,
“I’m done wife! I’ve finished your project!
I’ve hung the lights of yellow and blue!”


Two Colors, One Flesh

What am I?
Besides blood and meat?
Am I really the same as him,

In the legs, the arms, the feet?
His skin seems darker,
Yet we are equal in might, People say I’m better than him,
‘Cause his skin is dark, mine white.

If God made us equal,
As the Fathers once said,
Then why are his people humiliated,
Raped, beaten, some dead?
It doesn’t make sense to me,
Why more people don’t fight,
They say the war ended years ago,
But his skin is dark, mine white.

Despite what the Law says,
We still aren’t equal at all,
But in this day and age,
He will catch me, if I fall.
This man standing behind me,
Strong, proud, full of light,
Is just as good, no better, than me,
Even though his skin is dark, mine white.

Some people might hurt me,
“Nigger-lover” they say.
But I will stand for right,
No matter the price I have to pay.