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Poetry by: Gage Thompson | Clayton Watsworth | Ashley Quast | Cody Kessler

Poetry By Cody Kessler

Life Like A Flower

            Life is like a flower with petals that always wilt. But when then flower drops little seed drops on the ground and new flowers grow, and life starts out all new with no big problem to worry about, then they grow up and start to wilt. When they die, they leave behind little parts of themselves that will grow up and start there new life.

Even Though You Aren't Here

            You are gone now, but you’re still around, where it counts, where only your special thoughts go in my heart, where anything can come true. You were special to me and you always will be. You were there when I was blue and you made me laugh when I was down. You helped me back up. You were special to me and practically everyone saw that I love you and I want you to know how much I care, even though you are not here.
            In loveing memory of my grandma, Waderick.
 R.I.P Grandma.