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Poetry by: Gage Thompson | Clayton Watsworth | Ashley Quast | Cody Kessler

Poetry By Gage Thompson

Toe Flossing

Well now the day is done
You've gone and had your fun
You take off your sock and what do you find?
Some gunk that looks like gum

So what do you do? One might ask
No worries at all, 'tis but a simple task
Just take up some floss-squeak outh the pink moss
And Your bowels can handle the rest

Well what do you do with the gooey mess?
Well now good sir, that is the test
You must stoop down real low and eat it all up!
And your bowels can handle the rest

Pencil Sharpening

So there you are, drawing a map
When as you do go, your pencil does snap
You gaze at its tip, you're going to flip
And all you can say is "crap!"

"That's it! I'm done! I'm through!"
You'd say that because you were blue
But please do not fret, hope can be found yet
And I'll tell you just what to do

Now let us sit here and ponder
We shall rest here; our minds shall wander
And as we sit down, an idea will come round
"We can use that sharpener yonder!"

And now the battle is won
Throughout it we've had loads of fun
You got back to the desk, where you map did it rest
And drew on it 'till it was done