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April 16, 2010

Dear Parents:

As parents of seniors, I know this year has been full of working in classes, making plans for graduation, and post high school plans. This letter is another reminder of the special events ahead as the class prepares for their graduation from high school. It has been my pleasure to know the young men and ladies of this graduating class. Now, there is a certain “air” about campus as our seniors complete their last quarter at Roseburg High School and look to their future with a mixture of feelings. It is an exciting time where all of us look forward to graduation, a celebration of accomplishments, and a send-off for the future.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Roseburg High School, I want to extend this invitation to share in the celebration of your son’s/daughter’s success, the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2010 to be held on Sunday, June 6, 2010, at 2:30 p.m.

In this letter you will find information and expectations that should ensure that our commencement reflects the excellence and quality of our graduates. This is a time for a dignified and meaningful ceremony, which parents, graduates, and our community can be proud of. Responsible conduct and appropriate attire is expected of all the participants. The attached form cites the conduct statement and dress standards. Please be aware that any student who, in the opinion of the high school staff, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will be removed from participation in the commencement ceremony prior to the ceremony. The beach balls, bubbles, and other items that started to appear at the ceremony a couple of years ago became a distraction to the honoring of students who have worked hard for 13 years to achieve this benchmark. With that, please be aware that anything that distracts from the ceremony may result in your son/daughter being removed from the field and their diploma withheld. Last year’s senior class was exemplary in how they honored one another in a most respectful and celebratory graduation ceremony. I was so very proud of them. I am confident that you will agree with these expectations and procedures.

Students who do not wish to participate in the ceremony may elect to pick up their diploma after June 7, 2010. Participation in the graduation ceremony is based upon personal choice; however, all state and local credit and course requirements must be completed before a student will be allowed to participate in the ceremony and receive a diploma. Please be aware of where your student stands with regards to their needed credits. In addition to credit and course requirements, all outstanding bills must be paid by Friday, June 4, 2010.

Please ensure that your son or daughter completes the Graduation Standards Commitment form by checking the appropriate space, signing your names, and returning the form to the Main Office at Roseburg High School by Friday, May 7. Also enclosed are the dates of school sponsored and sanctioned activities as part of the end of the school year calendar for seniors.

Earlier this year, a professional photography firm was contracted to work at the graduation ceremony. All students who go through the commencement line will be photographed as they receive their diploma folder from one of the School Board members. Students and parents will be sent a free proof with the option to purchase copies of the photograph if they choose to do so. Since there is this photographic service, and more importantly, so parents/family members can see their own student graduate, there will not be access to the field during the formal ceremony (except for graduates and staff members). We ask for your cooperation with this request so that all may view and enjoy the ceremony.

In the event of inclement weather on graduation day, announcements will be made over the local radio stations and the ceremony will be moved to the gymnasium. Your student will be given four inclement weather tickets during the Friday, June 4, morning practice.

Lastly, because of traffic congestion, I would encourage you to plan to arrive at the high school by 2:00 p.m. in order to be sure that you are able to see the beginning of the ceremony.

We are proud of our students who will be graduating from Roseburg High School on June 6, 2010, and are making every effort to have a ceremony that all can be proud of. We thank you for your cooperation and support, and trust that the information included in this mailing will ensure a successful graduation ceremony that will reflect the outstanding record achieved by the Class of 2010.


Karen Goirigolzarri


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