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Arts Assembly Performers
Malia Jeremiah
Filipino Fire Dance
Clayton Wadsworth
Song to Jimmy Zhu
Luke Sugrue and Karissa Cullet
Song Duet
Brandy Houck and Karissa Cullet
Song Duet
Evan Nay
Drum Solo
Grace DeBell and Kelly Dorius
Piano Duet

The Peter Call Experience
(Natalie Rich, Peter Call, Tommy Whitside, and Ashton Gifford.)

Jazz Combo
Kathryn Howard's School Of Dance Performed a Dance Called "Help!"
Team 1:
Courtney Hendricks
Tianna Bleigh
Sylvia Carrillo
Alisha Sprague
Laura Coalwell
Sarah Eckstein
Rhiana Gunderson
Mia Isaacson
Summer Hensley
Team 2:
Rebekah Howard
Kendall Monteith
Haley Maccree
Brooke Painter
Natalie Carr


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